Google Granted Go Signal For An Amazing Project

Two years after Google’s Canadian affiliate Sidewalk Labs proposed building the first smart city in Canada, it finally received a go signal for the project. The project is to build a smart city in Canada, on Toronto’s Waterfront. The decision was made by Waterfront Toronto board to allow a Google-affiliate, Sidewalk Labs, to turn an area of Toronto into a tech Utopia. The project has been in the works for over two years, back in 2017, the company won a contract to develop a disused area in Toronto. It then submitted a 1,524-page proposal to the government agency responsible for the development of the area.

While the proposal entails building a mix of offices, retail spaces, and homes, it also features high-tech solutions for urban issues like waste and traffic. Also, residents would enjoy shorter commute times.

If that weren’t enough, they are also saying that that the new smart city would be a precedent in moving towards a healthier planet, by cutting 89% of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the smart city construction is not a done deal. There’s still a final formal evaluation of the project as well as public consultation in March 2020, which must happen before construction begins. Nevertheless, it is a step towards the future, and something the planet needs. If successful, we could see many more projects like this in the future, because of the explicit and implicit benefits to its residents, and the planet.

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